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The Road Less Traveled

Why We Like The Road Less Traveled … and So Will You.

It’s Simple. True North takes the road less traveled because we don’t believe in a 1-size-fits all, cookie-cutter training package. Neither should you. Why? Because you’re 1-of-a-kind. You’re distinguishable from the rest. This is why we invest in a strategic partnership with each client.

Our customized hybrid training and coaching approach delivers the best of all worlds, to the front-line, mid-level managers and leaders. Momentum builds throughout our process, whether it’s building interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism, leadership or workplace culture. Our mission is to revitalize and grow your vision, values, engagement and workplace culture.

With True North you’ll receive:

  • A 1-of-kind, customized professional development program, built around your needs, wants and vision (no cookie-cutter content)
  • 3 learning experiences: Expert Group Training, Interactive Workshops & Professional Coaching (you don’t have to choose just 1)
  • 3 learning platforms that maximize your time, value and impact
  • Skills are immediately applied in daily life so learning is internalized

The Best of All Worlds

The ‘How’ and ‘Why’ of True North’s Hybrid Approach:

Phase 1 Training:
Customized Skills & Tactics Training via Interactive Workshops. True North utilizes time-tested and cutting-edge content to expand crucial professionalism skills, leadership and employee engagement. Once trained, participants immediately put their new skills, tactics and resources to use in our workshop sessions and actual workplace application. To enhance long-term application and results, each participant also leaves with a personalized action plan.

Phase 2 Coaching:
Grooming & Growing One’s Personal Leadership Style. Here, True North focuses on individually grooming and growing the professional, manager or leader. Different than the competition, we appreciate, maximize and hone each client’s personal leadership style. This increases daily workplace effectiveness, team dynamics and builds employee engagement.

Our program and approach builds upon itself, empowering participants to take bigger leaps, tackle bigger issues and advance bigger causes. 

Shortfalls of Typical Professional Development Programs

Other professional development providers tend to offer cookie-cutter services and approaches.

  • Trainings & workshops are often a group-based, a one-size-fits-all approach, with essentially a “one-and-done” delivery of specific skill sets. Unfortunately, mastery of new skillsets is a “use it or lose it” proposition. Reality is, actual application of training and workshops skills tend to steeply drop off without continued interaction and accountability. And when it drops off, there’s little “trickle down” value to the larger workplace population. It’s a shame to see this happen, and a major shortfall of most development programs. Not ours.
  • Coaching for development & growth is a strong option. Yet it’s strongest when it’s building upon newly trained skill sets and in a way that advances parallel goals: (i) the company’s desires to improve workplace culture and (ii) the participant’s own personal skill sets. This is another key differentiator of True North as compared to others.

Our Hybrid Platform

It’s our 1-2 Knockout Punch

True North’s training combined with professional coaching takes your professional development to the next level.  First, we focus on interactive group experiences to facilitate co-learning and immediate application. Then, through 1:1 coaching, we grow each individual’s personal leadership style. Coaching also offers the added benefit of maintaining accountability for daily application of the skills-based training received.





We Give You

The Trifecta

Why? Because studies prove the most effective development and trainings combine (i) cutting edge content, (ii) easy to apply processes and (iii) context specific application in a way that is meaningful for each individual participant and their professional setting.




Strategically consider, plan and execute a major change or transition - on your terms

We help professionals and organizations overcome challenges, break through barriers and advance. Tenacity, perseverance, empathy and confidentiality.

We’re uniquely positioned and fully committed to helping you reach your goals.

Coaching and training for advancement, development, teamwork, culture shift and key transitions are our passion. Whether you’re here as an individual professional or on behalf of a business enterprise, it’s our mission to help you crystallize your vision and seize your goals. Traction and growth come quickly.

Kirstin Lowry, JD, CPC
Founder & Principal

What Sets True North Performance Apart

  • Practicing law for nearly 20-years, I’ve served as a litigator, negotiator, peacemaker and problem solver.
  • Having been a C-Suite executive of a large, multi-property corporation, I understand the responsibilities, demands & pressures of senior leadership.
  • As a founder, I appreciate the passion, pace & demands of business-development.
  • As a certified coach and a trusted partner, I help clients find their True North.

Qualified Coaching. Qualified Training.

Practical, Results Driven Approach.

We won’t let you give up or give in.
We’ll get you over the finish line.

1:1 Coaching
Customized Group Workshops
Customized Group Interactive Training




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