If there’s one thing we strive for in today’s workforce and workplace it’s agility, influence and the ability to meaningfully connect with others. From manufacturing to medicine, remote workplaces to large corporations, we need and strive for a hybrid of technical and interpersonal skills.

Strong interpersonal skills are the foundation for every professional and every organization. They are the glue that holds us together and the fuel that propels us forward.

However, exceptional communication and human relations skills are rarely innate for any of us, whether it be the 5-generational workforce, the highly technical team, the newly hired associate, or the seasoned leader.

Take a look through our modules below. Here we deliver essential, innovative, hands-on skills to significantly improve the ability and ease through which we:

  • Establish and grow collaborative relationships
  • Communicate effectively and persuasively
  • Connect with each other, whether it be through critical problem solving
    or navigating through challenges


The Exceptional Professional

We often land the job or rise in our positions because of our technical/substantive skills and knowledge. Yet, “what got us here won’t necessarily get us there”. What gap is most often cited in today’s workplace? A lack of self-awareness and interpersonal skills (a/k/a “soft skills”). Truth is, today’s world demands a hybrid skill set that must be earned, honed, and rigorously maintained. In this hands-on, interactive module, participants gain new awareness, strategies, and skill sets to achieve optimal effectiveness, such as:

  • Interpersonal communication for trust, teamwork & collaboration
  • Managing time, energy & competing demands for high performance
  • Precepts for critical thinking, analysis & execution
  • Strategic planning for growth, proactive problem solving & execution
  • Mindful delegation with meaningful follow-up & follow-through

Communication: The Key to Relationships, Influence & Results

Organizations and their personnel report that the biggest workplace challenge / frustration is the lack of Effective Communication. This interactive skills session is for leaders, teams, and staff at all levels who want to level-up their communication skills to increase effectiveness, performance and connectedness within the workplace culture. We combine the best of fascinating research in emotional intelligence, collective experience, and in-session application to ensure participants broaden their skills.

  • Developing authentic relationships that support, engage & motivate
  • Communicating for impact, clarity & trust (verbal & written)
  • Clearly conveying directives with expectations & consideration
  • Balancing personal & professional voices

Coaching Yourself, Your Team & Others

This interactive session is for everyone and is a favorite of many. We train participants to use practical, simple, and effective coaching methods to lead ourselves, our teams, and others. Specific coaching contexts include: overcoming obstacles; analytical and creative problem solving; as well as continuing momentum. Participants leave this session with a bevy of tools to apply in daily life, including coaching:

  • For development, high performance & fulfillment
  • For re-engagement of the burned out or unmotivated employee
  • Difficult personalities and Underperformers
  • Through challenges, disciplinary issues & meltdowns

Navigating Challenges & Conflict – From Troubled to Smoother Waters

There is no such thing as a conflict-free work environment. Today’s prevailing approach to handling conflict is avoidance. This strategy rarely works, and it’s costly. In the U.S. alone, the cost of routine interpersonal-conflict in the workplace translates to $359 billion annually, plus the collateral damage left behind. (This figure does not include costs of litigation, legal awards, etc.) Participants in this module learn how and why it’s necessary to address challenges and conflict early and head-on, with strength, calm and sometimes stealth. This interactive session is for leaders, managers, and those who aspire to lead from wherever they sit. Participants gain:

  • Insight into the most common causes & dynamics of conflict
  • How to proactively identify & leverage the upside of disagreements
  • An understanding of the anatomy of conflict & ways to approach it
  • A variety of effective conflict resolution strategies, coaching & informal mediation techniques
  • EQ principles to integrate within the conflict resolution process

Temperaments, Tolerance & Teamwork

This is a gamechanger for all levels of personnel within an organization. It’s also a fun and interactive session. We’ll immediately get your team working together to understand how to leverage their differences. Participants will leave the session with a new vocabulary and appreciation of how people work effectively as a team. They will also have new insights and skills for building teams that maximize individual skillsets, communication styles and approaches.

  •   Connecting with Different / Difficult Personalities
  •   Understanding the Core Needs of Your Team Members
  •   How to Work with Extroverts and Introverts

Developing Your Personal & Professional Brand

This in-depth interactive session will explain the importance of a person’s personal brand and how it influences their performance & relationships. Participants will learn how to develop and manage their personal brands to increase their influence and effectiveness.

  •   Understanding & identifying your personal brand & reputation
  •   How your personal brand influences your results
  •  Managing & improving your personal brand

Aligning Purpose, Passion & Profession

If we’re not personally and meaningfully engaged in our own work, how can we meaningfully engage others in the workplace? Whether it’s recovering from burnout or a goal of continuous growth, this session walks participants through an impactful 4-step process that creates breakthrough and momentum. Participants will leave this experience with new personal insights and a roadmap for continuing progress:

  • Connect the dots of personal and professional values & purpose
  • Self-audit strengths, untapped gifts & valuable life experiences
  • Create an updated vision that aligns purpose, passion & profession
  • Develop a 3-year strategic plan for personal & professional growth

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